Sedimentation Tank

    Waste water collected in the equalization pool is pumped to the sedimentation tank regularly by the submersible pump in that pool.

    During the pumping, particles in wastewater decompose by injecting flocculant to the system (dosing) and weighing dirty particles are collected in the conical part of the tank as settling faster than the normal speed; and finally clean water that are collected at the top part passes to the clean water tank standing near the sedimentation tank. By means of special inner structure of our sedimentation tanks, it is prevented that the settled particles to foul the upper flow as turning to the upper part due to waste water fed from the top. We produce sedimentation tanks with various dimensions according to need.

    Standard sedimentation tank diameters:
    • 3300 mm
    • 4200 mm
    • 5000 mm
    • 6000 mm
    • 7000 mm