Cad-Office, R&D and Automation

    Cad-Office is the engineering team of Ketmak overcoming the requirements for R&D and P&D works and for transformation of these works to design.

    Ketmak prepares its designs on “Solid Works and Autocad” programs using work stations. These processes are the ones carried out in-place by Cad Office. Ketmak undertakes the research and discovery jobs in the field both domestic and abroad beyond the in-place services. As a result of field search, layout drawings, determination of the plant capacities and preparation of the projects are Ketmak’s successive processes. Beginning from the water level control in the drainage well; waste water pump, dosing pump, settling tank, sludge tank, slurry pump, filter press hydraulic cylinder and drip tray should work with each other in complete harmony. PLC systems provide flexibility in automation according to changing working conditions. PLC systems also provide a quick adaptation to different working conditions for treatment systems as interfering easily to the automation constituents such as sludge discharge time, filter press squeezing and shaking time.