Quality Policy

- Provide top quality and environment friendly products and services
- Provide systems to reduce the consumption of natural water resources
- Prevent industrial and domestic discharges that damage the environment
- Creating loyal connections between our customers & brand
- Provide measurable benefits for our customers, community and employees
- Developing and using competitive information methods by combining past knowledge and experience with current knowledge and technology
- Improve industry standards in Turkey
- Contribute to Turkey's economy and employment

Company Goal:
- Become a brand of choice for all miners in Turkey within 5 years
- Be a brand preferred by world miners within 10 years

Our quality policy:
- Quality with our customers,
- With the efficiency and competitiveness of our shareholders,
- Our employees, with their working environment and conditions,
- To continuously improve our products and processes in order to meet the needs and expectations of the society and to add new values ​​to every work we do with respect to environmental sensitivity and legal regulations.

- Establishing the necessary management system to best meet customer needs
- To determine and measure the needs, expectations and expectations of our customers, manufacturers, suppliers, employees and our society and our products and activities.
- Focus on error-free process design
- Reduce cycle times and variability in each process
- Improving success indicators
- Encouraging the participation of employees in the operation of the company and encouraging teamwork
- To provide continuous training of our employees in line with company goals and objectives and personal development

Our Quality Goals:
- Reduce costs with continuous improvements
- Increasing earnings by reducing the cost of poor quality every year
- Make corporate and technological innovations every year
- To merge processes gradually
- Increasing customer satisfaction every year
- Overcoming profitability target every year