Refuge Chamber

    Built to endure
    In a mining area, where there are hundreds meters of tunnels, every single emergency situation must be thought beforehand. This is why we have great faith in our products.
    Ketmak’s “Ketmine Refuge Chambers” Series vary from 12 to 20 person chambers and is prepared to any situation such as a possible rock collapse, fire, toxic gases, flooding, explosions or smoke release. Double 5 mm steel outer shell of our chambers is the guarantee to maintain its’ rigidity under toughest conditions.

    Designed for miners by miners
    With our experience in the mining industry for more than 20 years, we have thought every disaster scenario that can be encountered, thinking every little detail; afterwards we have started our designs accordingly, finding solutions to these problems one by one.

    Right choice, easy installation
    As Ketmak Group, we stand behind all our chambers solidly and are ready to help you find the best solution possible by giving consultation about your specific needs.

    Standard Features
    • 5 mm double layer steel outer shell
    • CO & CO2 Scrubbers
    • Air conditioner
    • Acrylic window
    • Battery supply
    • First aid kit
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Bench seating
    • Reflective stickers
    • Gas tight door & hatch
    • Chemical toilet
    • Oxygen supply
    • Self contained self rescue device

    Optional Features
    • Upgraded battery supply
    • Separable modular chamber
    • Special configurations & dimensions
    • Blast rating upgrade
    • Gas detector
    • Personal Chemical Oxygen Supply
    • CCTV Monitoring